About Us


The NW8 Adult Mental Health Initiative is a partnership between the Health and Human Services agencies of Kittson, Mahnomen, Marshall, Norman, Pennington, Polk, Red Lake & Roseau Counties in Northwest Minnesota.

We are dedicated to identify regional needs, prioritize areas for development, assess our current services through data collection and plan for future mental health services.

Our Mission

To provide an array of Mental Health services at the right time in the right place to meet the
needs of individuals in our communities.

Our Vision

Dedicated to improving mental health and wellness in our communities through intentional
planning and partnerships.

Our Goals

  • Maximize Technology in the most cost effective and efficient way
    • Create social environments- Virtual Clubhouse
  • Reduce unnecessary Hospitalizations
    • Identify Gaps & Barriers through Collaboration in the NW8
    • Enhance prevention services and strategies to maximize quality of life
  •  Stabilize the Workforce
    • Partner with local colleges to educate them on the employment needs in our region
    • Create opportunities for students to learn what we have to offer in our industry & give them incentive to stay and work in the NW8
    • Provide Peer Support training
  • Perform needs assessments and receive feedback from individuals with lived experiences to better
    serve our population

    • Invite the Local Advisory Council Chairperson to the AMHI board meetings
    • AMHI Coordinator will act as the liaison between the LAC, Case Managers, AMHI Supervisors and Care teams to report back the needs to the AMHI Governance board.



When: Second Wednesday of every other month- January, March, May, July, September & November

Where: Sanford Behavioral Health, 120 Labree Ave S. Thief River Falls MN 56701 (1st Floor- Education Room)

Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm