Alcohol Awareness: Impact on Youth

Did you know… Research tells us that alcohol use during teenage years:

· Decreases your ability to pay attention

· Increases your chances of developing an addiction

· Makes it more likely you could be a victim of assault/injury (including sexual assault), alcohol overdose and/or death

Alcohol can make symptoms of mental health conditions worse. Your mood can improve when you cut down or stop drinking alcohol. Alcohol can make you more likely to act in an uncontrolled or impulsive way. There is a strong link between alcohol abuse, self-harm and suicide. Your risk of suicide increases if you are abusing alcohol.

It’s never too late to turn your life around, no matter how dire your situation may feel in the moment. Reach out for help today and get the care you need. By seeking addiction treatment or mental health services, you can take back your life and prevent or reduce many of the risks associated with alcohol abuse.

If you are feeling Hopeless, Angry or Confused, or even just need an ear to listen, please call the NW8 Children’s & Adult Crisis Support Line at 800.282.5005 or Text “MN” to 741741.

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